Manufacturer Type: Indoor Skydiving

Company Profile

Tornado is a Russian vertical wind tunnel manufacturer. They have been producing wind tunnels since 2004.

Tornado specializes in smaller form factor wind tunnels. Their offerings include both mobile and permanent recirculating models with flight chambers ranging in diameter from 2.5 to 3 m (8.5 - 10 feet). These models can be powered by diesel or electric motors. This option allows owners to operate diesel powered mobile wind tunnels without the need for an electric hookup.


Tornado creates both mobile and permanent vertical wind tunnels. Check out more about them and find their locations here.


Tornado Locations (14)

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Open to the Public
Status Name City State
AirFly Touffreville
Butterfly St Petergburg
FLY Tornado MX Mexico City
Flydust Saint-Leger-sous-Brienne
Fun Fly Ras al Khaimah
I Can Fly Moscow
Laisvalaikio Dovanos Vejo Tunelis Vilnius
Letarium Moscow
MegaFly Lorenskog
Sky Circus Simulateur Champforgeuil
Skyfly Krasnoyarsk
Time to Fly
Tornado by Best Air Training Monterrey
Ulet pro Kiev