2016 IBA Competition Series at iFLY Houston Woodlands

Indoor Skydiving Event
September 9, 2016 to September 10, 2016

Hosting Location

iFLY Houston Woodlands
26860 I-45
Oak Ridge North, Texas 77386

Event Information

Check out the video teaser for the event here:

The International Bodyflight Association is hosting their second tunnel competition of 2016 at iFLY Houston Woodlands this September. The event is scheduled to take place on Sept 9th and 10th and will host 9 separate competition disciplines.

Disciplines Include:

  • FS 2 Way
  • FS 3 Way
  • FS 4 Way
  • FS 5 Way
  • VFS 2 Way
  • VFS 4 Way
  • Dynamic 2 Way
  • Dynamic 4 Way
  • 1 Special Discipline

Discounted Training Time:

Time is available at $700/hr for all registered participants during normally scheduled block times.

More information and register here.