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Activity Quest's journey starts with a website called Indoor Skydiving Source. The original site began in January 2014. At this time, finding information on indoor skydiving facilities and the manufacturers involved in their creation was a difficult process. Most of the information was spread wide throughout various website in bits and pieces, held on manufacturer or tunnel websites.

The resource was created to help promote the sport of bodyflight around the world. The site is created with the aim of providing complete, accurate and technical information in an easy to consume manner. Since the initial creation, the site has grown to include a wealth of information on wind tunnels and bodyflight. If you have an idea or an improvement to this resource, please don't hesitate to contact us.

With the merging of Activity Quest and Indoor Skydiving Source in June 2017, the mission continues. The re-branding allows the site to cover a wide range of information across many different activities while keeping the same core values. Please enjoy your stay!